Friday, June 11, 2010

Review Forthcoming

I just learned that my new book, Threatened Species and Other Stories, will be reviewed in the next issue of Fly Rod and Reel Magazine.


  1. Jeff, I’m an independent bookseller with a shop in Northport, Michigan. An e-mail correspondent (we’ve never met), a writer out in the Northwest, Valerie Trueblood, told me about you today. I was happy to learn that I could order THREATENED SPECIES through Ingram, my national distributor, and as soon as my next order goes out, the book will be on its way to me.

    If you’re not in touch with the guys at True North Trout, check them out. They’re as interested in writing as they are in fishing—well, almost. They’re at

  2. Hi P.J.

    Are you ordering copies to carry in your store . . . or just a copy for yourself? I ask only because it might work out that I could come there for a book signing/reading. I'm willing to travel.

    I'll check out the True North Trout site. Thanks. We can continue this conversation via email if you like: