Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Good Words for Threatened Species

Tom Chandler of the blog The Trout Underground (here) had this to say about Threatened Species on Goodreads:

"Threatened Species is a short fiction collection, and while the fly fishing hovers in the background of several stories, these are not fly fishing-centric tales.

Instead, most of these well-written stories deal with people struggling with loss or change, and while the writing is engaging, it's far removed from the happy trails normally trod by fly fishing writers.

Those expecting typical fly fishing fare will probably not love this story collection, but those looking for well-written stories about people struggling with life's trials likely will.

Vande Zande's prose is taut and spare, and the cumulative effect of his writing is that of a snare drum; staccato bursts of energy interwoven with characters often teetering on the edge.

Good stuff, and I'm interested in reading more."

I like this review, and Tom is correct. These are not stories of fly fishing...these are stories of people who happen to also fly fish.

A couple of the stories in the collection have nothing to do with fly fishing.

From what I hear from Tom, he intends to post a slightly longer review of the book on his blog...soon.

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