Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just a Thought

As I was cutting a Box Top for Education this morning from the side of a cereal box, I was inspired to do some research.

I found out that Michigan pays $34,000 a year per prisoner in the prison system, but only $11,000 a year per student in the K-12 system.

Hence, I'm cutting out box tops. Pathetic, really, that I am obliged to cut box tops from cereal and snack and pizza roll packaging in order to ensure that my child's school books are only five years old rather than ten or fifteen years old.

I won't get into the irony of the fact that most products that support the Box Top program aren't very healthy (I think the jury is still out on the question of whether or not there is any real fruit in Fruit Roll-ups).

Here's an idea. Let's change the program to Box Tops for Incarceration. Prison funding can be slashed by 2/3rds. They can try their best to get by on whatever funds come in from box tops (after all, that's what schools have to do).

With this change, school funding can be tripled per child.

Sure, prisons (and prisoners) will feel the pinch for awhile, but maybe with a solid education from the beginning, people won't be so likely to go to prison in the future.


  1. You know, Mr. Van… that makes so much sense that there's no way Congress would allow it. Why would they cut down on the prison system that makes them SO much money?
    It's despicable. You've touched the root of the problem, though. Education would provide people with knowledge and skills necessary to better their lives but doing so would mean that the monstrous profit in imprisoning people for petty offenses would be cut down significantly… it's truly all about money.
    By the way, I accidentally stumbled across this blog of yours today while trying to e-mail you. #notastalker! ;)