Sunday, June 26, 2016

Description of Detroit Muscle

An addict just out of rehab, Robby Cooper has debts to pay and apologies to make. His ex-girlfriend is carrying his child, but wants nothing to do with him. He has no job and no prospects for finding one. 

As Robby struggles to jump-start his life on the crumbling streets of Detroit, his grandfather Otto asks Robby to drive him to northern Michigan under the guise of a brief fly-fishing trip. However, the stops that Otto asks Robby to make along the way begin to span across decades, shedding light on the darker parts of his family’s history and the demons they’ve each battled. The further north they travel, the closer Robby and Otto get to their interwoven, intangible truths.

Detroit Muscle journeys the maps that are those we love while navigating addiction, recovery, forgiveness, and, finally, redemption. With precise dialogue and unflinching honesty, this novel places the reader alongside Robby as he treks between the regrets of his past and the dreams for his future. 

A story of hope, humanity, flawed characters and the people that love them despite their mistakes, Vande Zande reminds us that maps can only be charted after the path has first been journeyed. Any person that has ever felt lost, or as though they are on the wrong road, will find strength in the powerful message that Detroit Muscle delivers.

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