Friday, July 22, 2016

Reactions to Detroit Muscle

"Detroit Muscle has something for all walks of society in relation to viewing addicted people in a more compassionate light." – Nicola O’Hanlon, I Love Recovery Café blog

"Vande Zande is at his best when his characters are in a car, searching for an America that is changing before their eyes. He’s managed to pour the jazz-like staccato of Kerouac’s On the Road and John Steinbeck’s folksy Travels with Charley into a tortuous journey of redemption."
-- Bill Castanier, Lansing City Pulse

“Vande Zande does not shy away from the pain, loneliness, and anguish that exist in every addiction. In this intimate novel about hope and renewal, past and future become inexplicable linkages within the trajectory of one’s road trip back into life’s greater purpose."
-- Ken Meisel, LMSW, author of The Drunken Sweetheart at my Door

"While Vande Zande is a master of the man vs. self tale and the simplified and stripped down line, this book is new in its dealings with the greater social climate. We are all Robby, fighting to become what we were always intended to be."
-- Ben Champagne, New Pages 

In Detroit Muscle, the writer paints an accurate picture of some of the landmines that often await newly sober addicts, when they return to their home town."
-- Abbie Wirick, Abbie in Wondrland blog 

If you're considering purchasing a copy, please think about buying directly from the press. Free shipping, and your $$ go farther toward supporting an independent press (and me).

Purchase from Whistling Shade Press: here

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