Saturday, August 20, 2016

Another Piece on Addiction Unscripted

While promoting Detroit Muscle, I've had a lot of opportunities to share on blogs, etc. Bloggers have been kind enough to share excerpts of the book, introductions behind the story of the book, and I've even written some addiction-related pieces for Recovery Campus and Our Young Addicts. Recently, I've had the opportunity to write some really creative pieces. Addicaid had me write a piece from Robby's point-of-view in which he answers the question, "How did you get clean?" If you scroll down, you can read that piece.

Just recently, having seen the Addicaid piece, Addiction Unscripted asked me to write a piece from Robby's mother's point-of-view. They asked her the question: "How has it been to support your son in early recovery?"

You can read her answer on Addiction Unscripted: here

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